Serving gourmet tapas in our beautiful new venue restaurants is what forty two is all about. Based in peterborough, we’ve put our forty two stamp on things as our tapas is not like you know it! It’s inspired by tapas served in traditional Spanish ‘tabancos’ and influenced by tastes and flavours from spain, a true tapas menu with loads of flavour.


​A truly amazing menu giving you tastes from spain that will make you want to tell your friends and keep coming back for more. Our beautiful menu is served 7 days a week at the venue and we offer an amazing range of different tapas dishes to cater for every tastebud. We have our usual seasonal menu changes but here is our current summer menu;

Our Food Serving times at Forty Two are as follows;




monday to sunday @ forty two


12pm until midnight





• last orders for the kitchen are to be made thirty minutes before we stop serving •


"come and taste tapas with a Spanish influence"